Increasing Effort

Random post to follow: I’m trying to burn off some of the excited energy I have in anticipation of going to Indianapolis this weekend to see this guy. Work isn’t distracting enough.

After Sunday I’ve had a shift in perception about running. I can run faster than I think! I kind of had resigned myself to the idea that 9 minute miles were just what I was doing right now and I really needed to build up a lot more base mileage, and maybe burn off some extra weight before I could think about going faster. But after running that 5K much faster than I thought I see that I just need increase the effort. In two aspects really; I need to push harder in workouts – not just settle into complacency and I need to run more often. I guess that is pretty fundamental to running success.

On Tuesday I went to run outside after work as it was in the 60’s (!) and the snow was finally melting. Of course this didn’t bode well for trail running, the river trails I planned to go on were a soggy mess. After slugging through maybe a quarter of a mile of mud I realized I was never going to get anywhere and might actually get sucked into the earth if I stood still for too long. Luckily for me the river trails run next to a levee that is flat and usually dry, so I crossed the field that separates the two paths and continued my run from there. I ended up running 4 miles at about an 8:55 pace (a few stops for headlamp adjustments) which was a serious effort on my part. As I finished my knees were screaming and my breathing was heavy. I felt fucking great! I don’t think I’ve ever pushed myself over such a distance.

Yesterday I did another run, this time on the treadmill, and kept the middle miles at 7.0 mph. My legs are feeling it today. But it’s a good, satisfied, fatigue that allows me to fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. We have plans to go to the gym on Saturday, so I think I should do some LSD type run. (Side note: I’m slightly intimidated to run in front of a 2:25 marathoner, I better get over that real quick). I’m trying to consider if I should sign up for one more local 5K before I move next month…..if the entry fee is cheap enough, let’s say yes.

As far as eating I’m trying to tell myself to ‘eat like an athlete’. I’m doing pretty good at making meals that are nutritious and filling rather than having dinner that is just tortilla chips and an avocado. Last night I made a very colorful salad from the local health food store, but tonight it will be some kind of packaged vegan energy bar on the plane. In other news I’ve pretty much stopped drinking diet soda – this. is. historic. I developed a drug-like addiction to the stuff in graduate school and probably drank 3 a day. Now I don’t even buy it! Well ok, sometimes at DonDon….

There’s always room for improvement.
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