Laura: 0, Bed: 1

When my alarm went off at 5 AM today, I laid awake for a good 30 minutes weighing the pros and cons of getting on the treadmill until I eventually gave up and stayed under the covers until 6:15. It was the single digit temperature that solidified my decision to stay in bed. But I knew this choice would just force me to run after work instead.

When that time came, I suited up in full spandex (and of course managed to run into three of my colleagues – something that would never happen in normal clothes) and headed outside to run around campus. It was 34 degrees! Warm right? Nope. Nope nope nope. It was windy and bone chilling the whole way (3 ish miles, I forgot a watch or garmin, but was out there for 30+ minutes). But I got it done, and am starting to get feeling back into my arms. The run itself felt good and it was awesome to run outside.

As far as eating…. meh, its ok. Breakfast was some organic shredded wheat cereal in almond milk, lunch was left over tofu and couscous, a few tortilla chips and 2 squares of dark chocolate. Post-run I can barely wait long enough to cook anything of substance; I ate a few more bites of left over tofu and couscous and am impatiently waiting on some roasted kale and potato wedges. Not really a meal per se…. but whole foods at least. I’ll probably eat some frozen blended banana later.

I spent my lunch break staring at delicious pictures of oatmeal so I have that to look forward to tomorrow.

On Repeat:

Grand National – Animal Sounds (over and over)

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