Sunday perspective

Snow again. Not very much (yet) but enough to move my run to the treadmill. I didn’t expect to see anyone at my apartment’s gym on such a cold and early morning, but about 1 mile into my run I was joined by an older man. He was dressed in jeans and a tucked in button down and carried his gym shoes in a plastic bag. He switched out his shoes (ala Mr. Rogers), lifted some weights and then started walking on the treadmill next to me. We were both in our own work out zone for a while, but when I finally finished up my run and removed my headphones we chatted for a bit.

“How far did you run?” He asked.

“5 miles” I replied, breathing heavy.

“You must be in really good shape to do that! How often do you run that?

“I only do longer runs once a week.” Still breathing hard, I really pushed my last half mile.

“You’re really lucky you can do that.” He smiled. I agreed and wished him a good day. I hope I’m still hitting the gym on weekend mornings when I am older.

Sometimes I see that what I think is un-extraordinary is really all in my perspective. My long runs are 5 or 6 miles. I don’t think that is that far, but I can do it, and not everyone has that luxury. So here’s to appreciating everything I have, running or otherwise.

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