Perfect presentation

Maybe I’ve been browsing too many blogs or flipping through too many carefully formulated instagram feeds lately; but what is this obsession with perfection?!

I get that having a really organized, beautiful, content rich and well photographed blog makes it enjoyable for the target audience, but I’ve just about had my fill of these overly curated websites. And same for instagram. I am definitely guilty of editing my feed when I feel that something is out of place, or maybe I don’t really love that selfie as much as I thought. But other than setting some items on a counter and turning on a lamp (and that one time when I laid out all my folded clothes on my bed) I don’t stage my photographs. I mean, what is this; Vogue?

I am personally striving for less perfection in my life right now.

I ate a bunch of oreos with my lunch today. I haven’t gone running since Sunday (plans to change that now that I got my hair did). I cannot do a side plank for more than 5 seconds when I do yoga.

This thought struck me when I was revisiting my favorite, and now ‘archived’ What Would a Nerd Wear and she declared that she would no longer be accepting courtesy items from companies that offered them. As she puts it;

“But part of the reason why I like reading blogs (and considered starting one) is that they offer an alternative to magazines. They represent what a non-magazine-model without access to a huge magazine closet might wear, and what she might be willing to hand over her hard-earned money for. Getting free stuff runs counter to why I preferred blogs in the first place.”

The honesty! I love it! And it is probably why I still like to revisit this blog time and time again.

In other news, it is 50 degrees. Dear Spring: please show up.

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