Slogging miles

I should have considered writing a post yesterday, where after my run I felt energized and enthusiastic. I feel like I have just about crossed the 9:00 minute per mile barrier as my general pace, and yesterday I finished up my run with an average pace of 8:49. So yeah, I was feeling on top of the world!

Today I ventured outside as it was in the 60’s!! But this was the only redeeming aspect of my run. I forgot to pin down the one short chunk of my hair, winds were gusting at 25+ mph in what seemed like all directions, there was sand all over the shitty sidewalks from the weeks of dirty snow that once was there, people with strollers and dog leashes were plentiful and the route itself was unrelenting in hills. I should’ve gone on the treadmill.

But – I have to remind myself that sometimes running sucks. And even though conditions today were…. a fucking mess less than ideal, I pretty much kept my pace at 9:00 or below. It definitely crept up to 9:15 when I was running up a steep hill with wind in my face, but hey! That’s something.

So I’ll file this one aways as just logging miles. It seems ironic that I snapped this picture before I went.

On Repeat: Modest Mouse – Steam Engenius, Ugly Casanova – Here’s to Now

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