New routine

This past month has been a busy one, but now I am here – in Indianapolis, and settling into a new routine. My running took a hiatus for a week as I rushed to finish up a project at work before departing, packed up all my belongings, and made sure everything was in order for my second cross-country move in as many years. This one however I feel optimistic about. Optimistic about my future, finding a research job, my relationship, and my running. This is a stark change from my mood when I moved to Kansas. It felt desperate and uncertain. I had so suddenly and drastically changed my plans about my future that I had no ideas for what was next. But, as they seem to, things worked out.

Today, appropriately a Monday, we started together on our new routine. Gym, breakfast, work (or attempting to find work in my case). After signing up at a new gym I ran three sloppy miles on the treadmill, but still sub 9:00 pace. My new baseline.

Now that I am here, a place I’ve been waiting to be for a while, I can start making some plans for races, improvement and general fitness. I feel so excited about the potential that I need to make sure I funnel it into a good target. I want to run and lift and bike (more of a must in this house) and do yoga and I have all the means to! So – I reiterate, I’m feeling optimistic. And settled. Just as we’re finally digging out of this oppressive winter.

On Repeat: Iggy Azelea – Fancy

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