Quick update and social media overload

This will be a short update. I went running today and my knee was fine after feeling a little awkward at the start. No scabs were split open. Success.

I signed up for an 8K in about 1.5 weeks. Today I ran about 4 miles (the treadmills at the Y are programmed to only do 30 minutes and a 5 minute cool down, I can about do 4 miles in that time). It felt good and I was really getting into it after 2 miles.

I was ‘unofficially’ offered the job I have been interviewing for! No other details yet.

I also started using DailyMile because my Excel spreadsheet was becoming a disaster. Sheesh the amount of social media I’m using is starting to overwhelm me. I can hook up my Garmin Connect to DailyMile, which I can post on Facebook (only just started using that one again), which I talk about on my blog, that links to my Instagram. Sigh.

It is appropriate that I just started reading Hamlet’s Blackberry: building a good life in the digital age by William Powers.

On Repeat: Timber – Kesha (Literally listened to this over and over on my run today. Pumps me up!)


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