Pre- Horizon Bank 8K

This week we’ve seen some spectacular weather in Indy, allowing all of my running to move outdoors. I’ve now experienced running on the Monon trail, the canal towpath and the downtown canal (NOT the same, as I previously thought). And from what I gather this isn’t even the half of all possible running locations in the city as there are still various trails and greenways I haven’t traversed.

On Tuesday I tagged along with the PBT’s team speed workout on the Monon. It was nice to be in a team environment again and hear the various workout plans being given out. Some runners were prepping for upcoming marathons or recovering from races the weekend prior so everyone was doing something a little different. I was just running, not doing any sort of ‘workout’ but I really can’t wait for the day when I get to that level. I get frustrated sometimes in my running since my pace is just what it is. It’s just as hard as always and I’m just logging miles every time I go out. I know this is all part of building a base and getting my endurance up… and I am seeing improvements! Sometimes. It’s hard to tell. I ended up running 4 miles at an 8:50 pace which felt sufficiently hard but satisfying. Scott blazed past me in his last mile of 6:22.

Wednesday we went to the canal towpath, and again – another 4 miles at approximately a 9:15 pace or something. And yesterday was about the same, but at the canal downtown. A totally different surface there so my feet were feeling more beat up after that. My average pace for that one was closer to 9:30, which I either attribute to the wind that day or just general fatigue. This is what I mean with ‘I’m seeing improvements, I think.”

Today was a rest day before tomorrow’s 8K. I haven’t really given it too much thought, but now that I consider it I feel kind of nervous. I have very little experience running/racing things beyond a 5K. I’ve run only one road 10K, and that I just hoped to finish so there was no idea of ‘pace’. And my half-marathon…. well we know that is one I’d like to forget. This will be the biggest race I’ve run in a while since this is part of the larger Carmel half/full marathon, so that will definitely add to the excitement at the start. I am aiming for nothing higher than a 9:00 pace over all, but this idea of goal setting is still new territory to me.

This 8K is part of a triple-crown so who knows, maybe I’ll like this distance and do the rest. Recap to follow, but for now I’m letting my incredibly nutritious pre-race vegan cupcake digest.

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