Monon Tuesdays

After an accidental break from running (thank stomach for choosing not to work last week!) I joined the team for their Tuesday night workout on the Monon. It actually felt really good and I found that I was slightly faster than the triathlon women (how far were they going? probably farther than me? who cares). My left hamstring felt all tight when I finished and my whole body was sore today.

I started work, which is conveniently located near the canal downtown. I have plans to run to that and around the loop today.

I missed watching Boston since that was my first day at work, but per usual that gets me all excited about running. More miles, more miles.

2 thoughts on “Monon Tuesdays

  1. Thanks! Indy definitely has a lot of nice urban places to run. And if it weren't my first day… I so would've been finding a way to watch, twitter had to suffice.


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