Uggggh. EDITED

I don’t feel very motivated right now. Do I even like running? I feel like I don’t have any goals. I don’t feel like I’m making any progress (obviously I am not really trying) and I cannot pinpoint what I want to get out of this.

Running on Tuesday I ran 5 miles at 9:20 pace or something terrible like that. I’m really mad at my body and that it isn’t doing anything. It only seems to be really good at being stagnant.

I just wrote my ‘about me’ on this blog and I couldn’t come up with anything interesting about my running or my interests. And I just ate peanut butter and it is stressing me out. I quit.


I just went to the gym and ran a 25:05 5k.

Foot. In mouth. I guess that’s why I like running.

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