Pre-5K musings

Tomorrow I have a 5K. I kept kind of forgetting I signed up for it this week, but I’m aiming to have a new PR. I still feel like I am making tiny progress steps. I ran that 5K on a treadmill last week almost under 25:00, ran 6+ miles of hilly trails Saturday, 6 more hot miles on Tuesday and almost 7 Wednesday on new trails. I planned to run yesterday, and take today off prior to my race, but after I got home yesterday I was too tired to get up again.

Running two days of 6 miles back to back, I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. Running 6 miles 3 times within a week? I’ve definitely never done that! But I still am not really happy with taking two days off in a row. My own fault. Finding motivation when you’re tired, and sore, and want a break from work…. I think that’s my next hurdle to overcome.

Scott recently started taking on individuals as private coaching clients and has been really excited writing out training plans geared towards their goals. Having something solid like that is really motivating, the way a having a race in the future puts extra pressure on you to not skip runs. I’ve considered working with Scott’s team (the same group we meet with on Tuesdays) but I am not sure I’m ready. How much of a base do I need before I can do strenuous workouts and multiple long runs a week?! I feel intimidated. Obviously.

But, I want to keep moving towards this goal. The overall goal of being a runner (a term I still don’t feel totally comfortable labeling myself with) and the specific goal of a fall half-marathon.

Oh – and we also might be doing a beer mile (or root beer mile for Scott) soon. So that’ll definitely be a new PR for the books.

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