A learning curve

I forget sometimes that I am ‘new’ at this. At running lots, at running consistently, at running farther. But here’s the thing – I don’t feel new. I feel like I’ve been running forever. I ran in high school (occasionally around the neighborhood, 3 miles tops). I ran in college (occasionally, 6 miles tops) and in graduate school. Last year I did my first half marathon, and that was the first time I’d ever run 8, 10, 13.1 miles. I’ve probably averaged 8-10 miles a week for the past 8 years.

So now I’ve steadily shifted to 20-25 miles a week. And yes. That’s different. I am now running 4-6 miles on weekday runs. I did my first official ‘work out’ last Tuesday with the team. 1 mile of warmup, then 4 miles of 1 min hard, 3 min easy, and a 1 mile cool down. I ran a 5K with an average pace below 8:00. I followed that up with 7.5 miles the next day.

So yesterday when I ran 8 miles, something I hadn’t done since March of last year, I should have been happy! But I finished frustrated and disappointed. I think I am constantly measuring myself against another yard stick. Other people. I’m not really sure how to snap out of this mentality. But I’ll keep you posted.

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