Blah blah running blah blah hot

Summer is upon us, there is no doubt of it this week. On the Tuesday night run with the team the air was hot, humid and heavy. I didn’t attempt to do any kind of workout this time, I knew I wasn’t really acclimated to the warmer weather yet and I didn’t want to blow it. I caught glimpses of the team and Scott doing some fast miles, but everyone looked pretty wrung out. Surprisingly I felt steady and comfortable at my pace (albeit a slower one) for 5 miles.

On Wednesday I headed indoors to run at the YMCA. It had been a while since I’d run on the treadmill, and Scott predicted I’d really see progress with all the running we’ve been doing outside. And sure enough, I was flyin’! I ran 4 miles with an overall pace of 8:10, and my last mile was 7:45. I am pretty sure I was spraying my neighbor with sweat each time I wiped by forehead, but that’s the risk you take running next to me. (Also I got some satisfaction from said neighbor who was constantly looking to my speed on my treadmill. When I got off I might have peeked at his. Yeah, I smoked him.)

And today I ran BEFORE WORK. Oh my god. I forgot about how awesome it is to have your run done first thing. And I also think it helps my mood. I might have been told I can be grumpy and emotional in the morning…. So! A benefit for all parties involved. We have more trail running on the schedule for tomorrow, and after watching the short film on Tony Krupicka (In the High Country) all I want to do is pack up and leave for the woods.

Other things tangential to my running: I’ve been going to a yoga workshop every Monday and have been incorporating more yoga throughout the week. This definitely has been helping with calf tightness and overall flexibility.

However my diet has not been right for some reason or another this week. I might be eating too many pretzels or not enough greens. Not sure.

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