Inner monologue dribble

Scott prompted an interesting conversation the other day from a seemingly goofy question.

“What would you want Facebook to say about you after you died?”

Not really sure where he was going with this, I deferred to him. Since our relationship deals with mortality a bit more closely than others, I wasn’t sure if this was a serious or a non-serious question. He wanted to hear “That guy said some ridiculous stuff!”

No worries Scott, I am sure that sentiment has been received. I eventually gave a dopey response of “She did her own thing”. I got an eye roll for that. But no, that is really what I meant. I rephrased it. “Genuine. I’d want to be remembered as genuine.”

And the more I think about it, the more I like that answer. As sappy as this sounds, you really are the only ‘you’ out there (save all those genetic clones I made in graduate school), so why bother trying to emulate anyone else? That’s such a bore. The older I get the more settled into myself I become. And none of that can be labeled – as much as I might try. And it’s really for the best. Getting wrapped up in a label or an identity is restrictive and stifling. But I want to carve out my own niche, my own sense of self. A little of which I’m trying to find on this blog here, so please enjoy the journey.

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