Summer Brights

Family dinner night.

Ok so if you know me, you know I wear a lot of black. And grey. Maybe some navy blue and maroon. Red if I’m feeling really wild. This began in high school where wearing black was an expression of my inner angst and alternative-ness! (Still is, admittedly). But I own some things that are bright and I never really know how to wear them. I tried to wear these shorts last weekend and gave up because I felt like I looked like a soccer mom. But I gave them another shot last night for the Vegan Family Dinner we were attending. They seemed cookout appropriate.

Also this marks the first time I’ve voluntarily been photographed in shorts. It wasn’t that terrible.

I’m a little surprised at how mild the summer has been so far since I can still continue running in the afternoon. I ran 5 miles on the canal towpath Tuesday, the first time since waking up with some flu/virus on Friday. It definitely felt kind of rough and I still feel weak. And my hamstring has felt sore ever since. And my calf is all tight. Actually I still feel like a mess this week. But I’m on the incline.

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