Since my last post I’ve completed my second week of training, and I’ll just say thing are going MUCH better than that first post. I spent last week in Ocean City NJ with Scott and his family where I took advantage of the boardwalk just about every day. I ended up running more each day than I had on my plan and put in a solid speed workout on Tuesday. About 26 miles overall, so things are good.

Everything is a little different on vacation. Your normal routine is thrown out the window – which is something my type A personality has a hard time reconciling. But days full of running, root beer and Bashful Banana didn’t derail me at all. I moderately maintained my ‘fruit rich’ eating with a daily banana whip (I mean seriously, ice cream. For lunch. What is better.) and lots of fruit anywhere else. I feel like I’ve finally discovered the solution to my digestive issues that have been pestering me since childhood. Fruit, lots of it.

So today we’re putting life back to normal and starting the work week again tomorrow. But I’m apprehensive to say normal, as in one week Scott will go back into surgery, then recovery for months. I’m definitely nervous, but this has been the plan since March and now it’s finally here. It’s almost a relief that something is happening, but we don’t know what lays on the other side.

It feels strange to have this one part of my life meticulously planned with mileage, workouts, rest days and so on…. and another part with no conceivable plan at all. Maybe just forward.

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