6 weeks from Monumental

I’m now 6 weeks out from the Monumental Half so that puts me at about the half-way point in this whole training cycle. Things are starting to feel routine; like I’ve gotten into a rhythm of running and I’m feeling progress in my endurance. I still think I’m solidly in the ‘base-building’ stage of running (see this article in the Running Times) even though I am anxious to see improvements in speed.

Which is probably why in my run yesterday when I was feeling sluggish I felt the need to throw in speed work in the last two miles.


I also got a new Garmin this week. Hooray for birthday money! When I was setting this new watch up I opened my old database that had most of my runs from last year; my first year really ‘committing’ to running. Whoa. Ok. I’ve come pretty far.

Tomorrow Scott is taking me to Chicago for my birthday! (Which is actually on Monday, 27, gah!) I’m pretty excited to try all sorts of delicious vegan food and run on the lakeshore. But before we leave I will be running 12 miles on the towpath. Gotta get in that long run.

I’m starting to really enjoy being in training.

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