Some nonsense on personal style

I don’t have much to report on running this week. I had to cut my long run short yesterday as I felt like I might blackout two times. I know, I know. Being lazy about eating won’t help me run farther.

Scott is out of town this weekend, so I took this as an opportunity to watch every fashion documentary available on Netflix and marathon a season of Project Runway. I have been interested in fashion since I was a teenager but as far as actually wearing it…. I don’t know. I seem to like so many different styles and eras but I haven’t figured out how to manifest it on myself. My computer is filled with folders and folders of style photographs, I have clippings from magazines that date back years and my knowledge of designers even surprises me at times….

Anyways, I guess all I am getting at is – I like style a lot. I realize it’s a thing tons of people don’t care about. (Is this the ‘intellectual’ in me having trouble admitting I like something superficial? Yes.) That’s fine. I often have trouble reconciling the capitalism and consumerism that goes hand in hand with fashion (and is why I’d rather say personal style than fashion; fashion connotes designers, steep price tags, celebrity, animal use). But regardless I am still ever searching for inspiration.

And if you’re ever interested in a good documentary, Bill Cunningham New York is great.

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