3 weeks from Monumental

A quick recap on training this week – I am basically just putting my head down and powering through. Things are still going surprisingly well and I keep feeling amazed at how much I am enjoying this. Who knew running all the time is fun?

Monday: 5 miles
Tuesday: 9 miles
Wednesday: Ashtanga yoga
Thursday: off
Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: 8 miles
Sunday: 4 miles
Total: 32 miles

I didn’t have a particularly long run this week, but the 9 miles on Tuesday was definitely a challenge. I for some reason started out really fast and got my heart rate up super high – to the point where I had to walk for a minute to calm down. I eventually settled down and finished all the miles but I probably had a look of desperation on my face the whole time. Saturday’s run was the best of the week. I was able to keep ALL of the miles below 9:00, with two at 8:30 and an average of around 8:45. I can only hope to feel so good come race day.

Today we got up early to watch the Chicago Marathon and two (elite) friends run PRs. One just 13 seconds shy of an olympic trials qualifier… I can’t believe the pace they keep. I’m already starting to think ahead to my next goal race after Monumental, part of me wants to sign right up for the Mini but I will most likely take a few weeks to decide what’s next. I have to say though, I really am liking these long runs that no longer feel so long and 30 mile weeks. Who am I?!

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