Mid-week update

A few things:

1) I changed my blog url and name. I just wasn’t in love with the previous one, and yesterday I was browsing some recent genetics research when I came across this article. I couldn’t get over the title and how those two words tied together. What better way to describe the ebb and flow of training and life? Ok I admit, I am a complete science dork. 

2) Part of me barely believes this since my garmin was acting a little wonky – but I ran 8 miles on Tuesday at 8:29 pace. WHAT. Is this what people talk about during tapers? It felt amazing, some of my miles I clocked at 8:15, 8:11…. It’s like something in my body just… clicked. 

3) Now I am even more excited for the 5 mile race on Saturday. I don’t have any specific goals for this but I am really curious as to what I can do. 

4) We saw Neil DeGrasse Tyson last night! It was pretty good, mostly an informal lecture with a lot of comedy infused in. I was kind of expecting something a little more technical…. maybe I am just used to the kinds of lectures I see in academic departments. But this was definitely for a more general audience. An 11 year old in a bowtie asked for advice on how to be a scientist one day which damn near broke my heart. I love getting kids excited about science. 

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