Pups, magazines and easy running

So so so much has been happening this last week that I haven’t had a moment to stop and update the ol’ blog. Post-monumental I took a full week off of running. Probably more than necessary as I was barely feeling sore the day after, but I was enjoying the freedom to do as I pleased after work. Wednesday I was able to resume my ashtanga yoga class that left my arms and back sore for days after. Thursday we saw a movie, The Theory of Everything, about Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane. I got all excited when other famous scientists were name dropped; Milikin, Rutherford, JJ Thomson….and it might have made me tear up once or twice.

Saturday I resumed running, but something happened before I could run that really has kept us occupied for the last few days. As Scott and I were driving up north to run, we came across a dog walking on the sidewalk in absolutely terrible condition. He was walking slow, had a thick chain PADLOCKED around his neck and had visible bites and blood all over. We immediately stopped, and Scott approached him slowly to gauge his attitude. Surprisingly he wasn’t aggressive – mostly timid but not too shy. After seeing him up close and assessing all his wounds we knew we had to do something. It was clear this dog was used in dog fighting and probably a bait dog at that (one used for others to practice on, basically a punching bag).


We kept him in our garage and contacted a vet tech friend who later came over with bolt cutters and supplies to clean him up. He was amazingly calm and loving even though it was clear he had been through so much trauma. We gave him a bath and the water was literally red with the amount of dried blood that washed off of him. He had a substantial laceration on his ear that was still bleeding and many cuts on his head and front legs.

The dog, since name Django, has now been to the vet, neutered, vaccinated and had various wounds stitched up and is now living in our basement (away from all our kitties) until we can find a proper home for him. He is affectionate and wants nothing more than to be by our side, touching us. I half wanted to keep him myself but I tried to introduce him to our cats earlier today and they were NOT having it. I guess 3 rescued cats is our limit right now. Django needs lots of attention and love to heal from his traumatic past. We’re still looking for a home for him, but currently he is camped out in the basement with food, water, heat, blankets and belly rubs.


Ok – so on to the OTHER crazy thing that has happened in the last few days. Scott¬†entered Runner’s World cover contest back in the summer with a great entry about how running has been really essential in his experience with cancer. He’s a crazy accomplished runner, with a 2:25:55 marathon PR, many race wins and a true passion for the run. He always is telling me I can do more than my mind thinks and is always offering encouragement for my own personal running goals. I love so much that we can share running together (even if he is often well ahead of me) and all the intricacies of being a runner (ie, black toenails, never ending hunger, whole body fatigue, piles of smelly clothes).

Anyways! To summarize – he WON! And he is going to be on the December issue of the magazine along with another great female runner who is ridiculously ambitious. I’ve had to keep this under wraps for the past few weeks, but I’ve got to hear all about his interview and photoshoots. On Monday they made the big announcement on HuffPo Live and we finally go to see the finished cover. I still haven’t gotten one in person but I can’t wait! It’s not every day you’re waking up next to a cover model.


I can hardly capture everything that has been going on around it but I suggest you head over to Scott’s blog to read about it. He’s a fantastic writer, a total goof and a 20 year vegan so what’s not to love?

Ok, ok so what else? I did another run on Sunday with a group of friends at a nice easy pace, we could chat the whole way and yesterday I knocked out 4 miles on the treadmill. I feel a little aimless without a set training plan so I might write something out just to ease my mind. We’re heading back to North Carolina this weekend to visit my parents and I plan to get in some more runs there. So things are good and exciting and crazy but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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