Defining happiness

What do I want? For a question so simple I find I have an incredibly difficult time answering it. This past week I’ve tried to focus on happiness, and what that means to me. Does happiness mean achieving this ‘perfect’ image I have in my head of myself or living the life I want with out self-inflicted stress?

I’m finding it is somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. Perfection is an impossible and useless goal while the latter scenario can lead to complacency. I want to challenge myself, but I don’t want to burden myself with the unattainable.

Ok – enough existentialism for one blog post. I don’t want to get too serious. This week I ran, I did yoga, I did an art class, I did some tiny home improvements, I tried a new recipe. It was great. I pushed myself on Tuesday with a 7-mile run in the cold and dark, then I took it easy (relatively – ashtanga is not what I’d call easy) and did yoga Saturday morning.

So my conclusion is that I have no conclusions, but things are going well.

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