Sartorial Saturday

Spring has FINALLY arrived in the midwest. We’re seeing temperatures in the 50’s – which really makes for much more enjoyable running. I am able to wear capris again! In an hour or so I’m leaving for our group run on the canal towpath.

So, a bit off topic – but I’ve started my beginners sewing class and I am completely in love. I am the only person in the class so I am basically getting private lessons. The class focuses on three projects; a pillow case, an apron and a tote bag. They all include a few extra features like a french seam, installing a zipper, edge-stitching…. so I am getting a really comprehensive introduction to sewing. I am starting to look into buying a machine for myself and hopefully continue this hobby! This is really making me pay more attention to clothes in general – now I examine all my shirts to understand their construction and fit. It also really helps me be more objective about my body; realizing that no two figures are the same and the likelihood of clothes fitting perfectly off the rack is very low. For instance – I have broad shoulders, which makes some shirts feel tight across the upper back, but not tight elsewhere. And I’m pretty tall (5’8″) so finding pants with a long enough inseam is sometimes a challenge.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately browsing sewing/personal style blogs and I think that is something I’d like to include more here on my blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll one day be able to show off something I’ve made for myself.

Yesterday we went out to dinner with friends to an Ethiopian restaurant – seriously some of the best food in the world. Before we left I made Scott take pictures of my outfit. We’re going to have to streamline this modeling process. He mostly just takes rapid-fire pictures with my iPhone while I awkwardly shift around. Evidence below.

Dinner date
Such fashion.
Dinner date
Next I’ll be gracing the pages of Vogue.
Dinner date

These jeans I found two weeks ago at a Carmel re-sale boutique. They are Marc Jacobs!!! And ridiculously long!!! I couldn’t believe my luck. Shirt from my mom from the Gap (thanks!), bag from Out of Print, flats from Target, and earrings from a local handmade shop. 

Hope you enjoyed this Sartorial Saturday post!

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