Race Recap: DINO Series 5k, Town Run Trail Run

Town run trail run 2015

Last weekend was another race in the DINO series. We missed the second race at Eagle creek; instead we headed down to brown county for those trails and delicious vegan food. This race was at Town Run – a place I would never know existed were it not for this race. The entrance to the park is an unmarked dirt road turn-off from a busy road filled with big box stores and shopping malls. I was so surprised this was here right under my nose.

Naturally, there was rain the previous night and light drizzle as we got there so the trails were pretty muddy and slick. A considerable improvement over the first race, but as you can see above; still required some caution. The 15K went off first, and then the 5K ten minutes later. Per usual I situated myself a little back from the start line as this was a single track course and I wanted to let as many fast people pass as possible.

The course was really fun; lots of gentle undulating hills and no gnarly roots to worry about. I felt really good for the entire race. Going up hills I felt strong and down I felt like I was about ready to fly. The first mile I spent a lot of time carefully passing people but I finally seemed to find a place that put me mostly by myself. For the entire last half of the race I was coming up on a 9-year old boy who would intermittently sprint and walk. When he’d hear my steps getting close he’d sprint away, then tire a little. I eventually caught him and told him “you’re making me work hard! good job.” The final stretch of the course snaked up a hill and then popped out of the woods – where the same boy out sprinted me in chute. You win some you lose some. Final time: 29.14. Thank goodness it was under 30 minutes.

I waited around for Scott to finish the 15K where he came in 4th I believe. Once he stopped we quickly realized his knee was bleeding a lot from what he said was a total wipe out. He had mud on his eyelids.

Once the results were posted we found we both came in first place in our age groups, and I was 8th in the women’s race. And I set another new trail PR! We spent the rest of the day painting our bedroom and devouring Thai food.

This weekend we are going to spectate the Mini like we did last year and next week is Ragnar!! I can’t wait to meet everyone and have a great time running and eating. If you want more info of what a Ragnar is, and why 36 vegans are running it check out our website here: http://strongheartsveganpower.com/

To the front!

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