New Look 6217

I’ve been sewing since February of this year when I took an introductory course at a specialty fabric store in town. Prior I had never touched a sewing machine; I’d reattached the occasional button (after watching a youtube video first) and tried to fix small things with hand stitching.

Since the class I have tried my hand at some small projects and made my first garment a few months ago. I learned a lot in the process; about facing and darts… and what fabric NOT to choose (yeah, quilting cotton was not a good choice) but still was looking for some instruction. Which brings me to the present – I just finished my second class at the same store, this time focusing on basic garments.

We made two pieces from New Look 6217; a knit cardigan and a straight skirt. The cardigan is still under wraps as that is a gift, but I just finished up the hem on the skirt. I chose a woven cotton that had a teeny bit of stretch. I cut a 16 to begin with but graded it to a 12 in places (my waist is considerably smaller than my hips – a common issue I have in RTW sizes).

This image from pinterest served as general inspiration.


The pattern it self was pretty straight forward. Stay-stitching, darts in the back, then I added more darts in the front due to the aforementioned waist-to-hip ratio, and an invisible zipper.


The waist was done with twill tape, jury is out on how this goes. I’m not super trilled with how it looks. I might belt over it.

I finished the inner seams with a faux-serge.


The hem was 1 1/4 inch overall, 1/4 was turned under… this part I about ruined. I pressed the 1 inch up then the 1/4 under and stitched it in place. Or so I thought. I was stitching more at 1/2 an inch, so I decided to go back and just created parallel stitches. I’m still a total novice at this, so I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out and that I didn’t run the lines together at any point. I new feat for me!


Ok, done. Now fit. Hmmm. It fits well on the waist. I need to re-press the darts, really just press it everywhere…



I feel its a little shapeless but this could be due to the fact that it is actually cut for my hips, rather than stretching tight across them like my other pencil skirts. I dunno. Maybe I’ll try to wear it to work tomorrow and style it some so I feel more enthused.

In summary: sewing is hard! I really like learning new techniques and seeing tiny improvements in my skills but there is so much more for me to learn. And to perfect. I have a few more patterns in my arsenal and the Tilly and the Buttons book to try. This is only the beginning right?

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