This past week I’ve been at a work conference, learning all about the newest advances in the treatment and study of breast cancer. The dress code there is definitely ‘professional’ so it gives me an excuse to wear grown-up outfits and try to blend in among the MDs.

I tried to get a picture daily but it is real hard to get a good picture on your own it turns out! So sorry for the grainy iPhone quality… but here are my attempts to dress like a professional without a frumpy pant suit.


Day one: plane outfit. Ankle length black pants with wedges (no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get a full length shot)


Day two: Pencil skit and checkered shirt. Wedges again.


Day three: This outfit is entirely thrifted if you can believe it. Yay recycling! Shoes were taupe flats.

I didn’t get a picture on the last day but I wore the black pencil skit again with a white and black polka dotted top with the matching blazer. I carried my Matt & Nat vegan purse each day. I’m so glad I finally have a professional looking bag, last year I only had my Timbuktu messenger bag (with a bright pink accent) that clashed awfully with my outfits.

Nothing sewn by me yet – I’m not quite at that level where what I makes is presentable. I want to alter that camel skirt some before I wear it to work… until then I am enjoying trying to incorporate¬†thrifted pieces into many of my outfits.

Oh, and what is with this weather? It was 77F the day I left the conference (it is in San Antonio…) but sheesh try and feel a little christmas-y why don’t ya?!

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