The Scout Tee


I’ve finally finished another project! It has been ages. I actually started this one months ago, and didn’t finish it until today. Perhaps it was because I was intimidated by attempting set-in sleeves for the first time or that the basement was too cold (where my sewing machine lives). But really sewing got pushed to the wayside between work and class and volunteering and life in general.

Since pretty much everyone (in the sewing world at least) has raved about the Scout Tee I figured this would be a good introduction to sleeves. The pattern is simple and classic, and I can definitely see myself making this again in the future.

For fabric I chose a printed linen – which is really lovely, but not exactly the best texture for a tee. I sewed up the body of the shirt months ago but didn’t finish the sleeves until today. And it actually wasn’t that hard! I made one minor error…


I was so excited after inserting the first sleeve that I rushed to finish the second and then I realized I put it in inside-out! D’oh. I’d already removed the basting stitches to gather the sleeve and didn’t really feel like redoing them, so I did with out. (Bold move for someone who has just sewed her first sleeve). But it turned out great! No pintucks!

I’ve recently been interested in altering and mending clothes – since I like to thrift clothes I can’t be picky about the size or quality. Repairing an item of clothing is very satisfying. But hopefully there won’t be as big a gap between my next projects, I’m not exactly sure what is up next but now that sleeves are no longer a barrier – the sky’s the limit!


(I didn’t get my photographer/boyfriend to snap pics before he left for work so these will have to do)!

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