Race Recap: Carmel 8K and Week 4/7-4/13

My first race in Indy felt pretty good! My thoughts are almost the same as finishing the 5K in February, like ‘hmm I kind of am underestimating my abilities’. But this strategy definitely leaves me less chances for disappointment – so ha! Anyways, the race had an 8 am start, 30 minutes after the half and full marathon had taken off. We ended up running into a lot of Scott’s teammates, or partners of teammates that were already on the course and positioned ourselves near the front of the crowd. I was definitely having the ‘oh whoops shouldn’t be this close’ thought when I saw the very competitive runners toe the line. Maybe I need to just look a little more competitive then I’ll try to blend in. I mean – I was wearing a cotton t-shirt, I wasn’t fooling anyone. Anyways, I made sure I was close enough to the edge so that there was ample passing room for people.

As per usual the beginning of a race is very exciting and I definitely was going at like, a 7:30 pace for a hot second before my senses (and legs) settled to an 8:40 ish pace. I was worried to hold it here, thinking I would wear myself out and barely finish the race, but after passing the first and second mile markers with ~8:45 times and feeling great I put more pressure on myself to keep it at or below that pace. The course was gentle with only a few hills; I actually felt pretty good powering up them and steadily descending them that they barely registered. After the third mile I felt really solid at my pace, and started passing a few people here and there until I was mostly alone. By the time I’d passed the fourth mile marker I was really determined to push it as much as I could (which wasn’t a ton) and maybe got closer to a 8:30 pace. With the finish line in sight it was easy to really kick it, and I crossed it in 43:00, with Scott yelling from the sidelines.

My watch read the course a tad longer than marked, but my overall pace was 8:40. I am really happy to continue this trend of sub-9:00 miles. There is something about 9:00 miles that makes me feel like more of an average jogger strolling around so it is nice to see a bit of improvement. I am pretty sure I want to sign up for a half-marathon in the fall and properly train for it, and probably do more 8K’s and 10K’s leading up to it. I have to say – I really liked the 8K distance. It had kind of a nice act 1, act 2, act 3 feel to it that made me really assess my physical effort during a race and the best way to balance it.

After I finished I got to hear about Scott’s race which he ran in an impressive 31:34. We then hung around to cheer the winner of the marathon (again, another PBT teammate, they definitely had a good showing at this race) to his victory for the third year straight.

Today my leg’s feel totally fine if only a tad fatigued, but no soreness or blisters. First race in my new shoes as well, and they feel just like last year’s model which is exactly what I wanted. So for the week it was:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: 4.03 miles, 8:50 pace
Wednesday: 4.01 miles, 9:13 pace
Thursday: 4.06 miles, 9:27 pace
Friday: Off
Saturday: 5.02 miles, 8:40 pace
Sunday: Off

Total miles run: 17.1

Pre- Horizon Bank 8K

This week we’ve seen some spectacular weather in Indy, allowing all of my running to move outdoors. I’ve now experienced running on the Monon trail, the canal towpath and the downtown canal (NOT the same, as I previously thought). And from what I gather this isn’t even the half of all possible running locations in the city as there are still various trails and greenways I haven’t traversed.

On Tuesday I tagged along with the PBT’s team speed workout on the Monon. It was nice to be in a team environment again and hear the various workout plans being given out. Some runners were prepping for upcoming marathons or recovering from races the weekend prior so everyone was doing something a little different. I was just running, not doing any sort of ‘workout’ but I really can’t wait for the day when I get to that level. I get frustrated sometimes in my running since my pace is just what it is. It’s just as hard as always and I’m just logging miles every time I go out. I know this is all part of building a base and getting my endurance up… and I am seeing improvements! Sometimes. It’s hard to tell. I ended up running 4 miles at an 8:50 pace which felt sufficiently hard but satisfying. Scott blazed past me in his last mile of 6:22.

Wednesday we went to the canal towpath, and again – another 4 miles at approximately a 9:15 pace or something. And yesterday was about the same, but at the canal downtown. A totally different surface there so my feet were feeling more beat up after that. My average pace for that one was closer to 9:30, which I either attribute to the wind that day or just general fatigue. This is what I mean with ‘I’m seeing improvements, I think.”

Today was a rest day before tomorrow’s 8K. I haven’t really given it too much thought, but now that I consider it I feel kind of nervous. I have very little experience running/racing things beyond a 5K. I’ve run only one road 10K, and that I just hoped to finish so there was no idea of ‘pace’. And my half-marathon…. well we know that is one I’d like to forget. This will be the biggest race I’ve run in a while since this is part of the larger Carmel half/full marathon, so that will definitely add to the excitement at the start. I am aiming for nothing higher than a 9:00 pace over all, but this idea of goal setting is still new territory to me.

This 8K is part of a triple-crown so who knows, maybe I’ll like this distance and do the rest. Recap to follow, but for now I’m letting my incredibly nutritious pre-race vegan cupcake digest.

Week 3/31-4/6

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 3.8 miles, 9:04 pace
Thursday: 3.0 miles, 9:09 pace
Friday: Off
Saturday: 3.0 miles (?), trails
Sunday: 3.5 miles, 8:45 pace

Total miles run: 13.3

Monday and Tuesday I was not feeling ok to run with my knee still very raw and un-bendable, but everything was fine by Wednesday. Saturday we made it out to Brown County State Park to run Hesitation Point, a moderately rugged trail with a steep decline to the forest floor. It had been a while since I’d run trails, and good trails (I wasn’t much a fan of the ones in Kansas) at that. Though it had rained in the days prior, the trail itself only had a few muddy parts and I thoroughly enjoyed crashing down to the bottom. Of course, I then had to return to the top, which was definitely hard but a good hard. Some points I thought I’d never reach the top, only to find moments later I was getting another wind. My ankles today feel pretty sore from all the stabilizing they did yesterday, but another 3.5 miles felt good and fast on the treadmill. The 8K is this coming Saturday, which I aim to keep a 9:00 pace (or under) for the run. I also picked up this year’s model of the Brooks PureFlows as I hadn’t bought a new pair in a year. Bright blue this time instead of bright pink. Black anyone? Please?

On Repeat: Queens of the Stone Age – Go with the flow

Quick update and social media overload

This will be a short update. I went running today and my knee was fine after feeling a little awkward at the start. No scabs were split open. Success.

I signed up for an 8K in about 1.5 weeks. Today I ran about 4 miles (the treadmills at the Y are programmed to only do 30 minutes and a 5 minute cool down, I can about do 4 miles in that time). It felt good and I was really getting into it after 2 miles.

I was ‘unofficially’ offered the job I have been interviewing for! No other details yet.

I also started using DailyMile because my Excel spreadsheet was becoming a disaster. Sheesh the amount of social media I’m using is starting to overwhelm me. I can hook up my Garmin Connect to DailyMile, which I can post on Facebook (only just started using that one again), which I talk about on my blog, that links to my Instagram. Sigh.

It is appropriate that I just started reading Hamlet’s Blackberry: building a good life in the digital age by William Powers.

On Repeat: Timber – Kesha (Literally listened to this over and over on my run today. Pumps me up!)