Re-cycle, up-cycle, spring-cycle

I am currently laying in bed with and all three of the kitties, enjoying coffee and slow Saturday mornings. The cats are thrilled with the change of season and have been spending as much time as they can watching the rain from the windowsills or following the birds. I also have been reveling in this weather and returned to running on the Monon after work (with about everyone else in Indianapolis), or heading down to Brown County with Scott to enjoy muddy trails. My relationship with running is going really well now. Since I’ve kind of stopped letting it define me and my worth, I’ve been experiencing a lot less anxiety about it. I also have a lot less to say about it (or blog about it) now since I am just running for enjoyment. Apologies if you came for the running talk!

Yesterday we got a dirt (ahem, “soil”) delivery for the garden. It’s coming along nicely! Again, all this work was done by Scott. Next to plant the seeds!

Garden progress

In other sustainable living practices, my sewing class wrapped up and I am completely hooked now. I made three items in the class; a pillow case, an apron and a tote bag. The woman teaching the class was fantastic, she really had so much knowledge about sewing and was incredibly patient with a total novice like me. Scott’s mother generously lent me her sewing machine and I’ve been messing around with it in my down time by making small stuffed animals for a few friends that have new babies. So far the babies approve.

Untitled     Untitled

I’m really itching to start making clothing, but I haven’t settled on where to start at all. I’m considering buying my own machine with more garment appropriate features. Speaking of garments… today is another excuse for Sartorial Saturday! Though to be honest I think I wore this Tuesday. If you knew how many pictures I had to make Scott take to get this one good one….

April 6, 2015

With the exception of the shoes I can say this entire outfit was second hand! I didn’t even realize that when I put it together. The top is a thrifted Gap shirt, the skirt thrifted Target, the sweater is a thrifted Loft cardigan. And to continue with this theme, today I am hosting a “Clothing Exchange” with some friends. More upcycling!


Going ons in the little white house

Life lately in the little white house is good. I’ve been happy to be away from facebook and instagram (for almost one whole week, gasp!) – it’s been a really nice way to quiet all the ‘noise’. Even if most people do so in jest, there is a lot of negativity and complaining happening online.

In lieu of carving out a life that is separate from what dominant culture dictates, Scott and I have been implementing more self-sustainable practices into daily life. For me this has been focusing on the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’, particularly when it comes to clothes. Excess in our culture is so apparent in our attitude towards clothing. I know personally I’ve almost come to treat things as ‘disposable’ after a year of wear, what with the constantly changing trends and decline in garment quality. Though I’ve always donated my unwanted clothing to places like Goodwill, it really doesn’t sit well with me – the constant turnover, constant purchasing…not to mention that they come from sweatshops. So I’ve resolved to shop thrift or consignment as much as possible. This is already working in my favor – I found a bunch of great things for incredibly cheap at the first shop I went to. I’m also really set on taking up sewing…

Scott has taken to turning our backyard into a vegetable garden. I can take no credit for this as I’ve only watched him work out in the cold from the comforts of the house. I have been putting all my banana peels in the compost… that counts right?


I picked up a new pair of running shoes yesterday (I realize that this completely contradicts what I am trying to do in the previous paragraphs – I am a hypocrite, yes) and I am in love. They are NOT neon. Who knew you could find that. Oh and they feel great, but I haven’t had a proper run in them yet. I was actually disappointed in the Kinvaras I just wore out – they fit great, but the durability of them was pretty poor. I went with Adidas Adios Boosts. And they were on sale.


Tomorrow we head down to Brown County for some trail running, good thing since my trail series starts in one month! We also get to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a fancy four course vegan dinner our friend’s restaurant is putting on. No complaints here.

Now I’m off to curl up in bed with the cats and watch The Fall on netflix as this week has been ridiculously busy at work and I can’t wait to turn off my brain.