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Spring Linen

This weekend I finally carved some time out for sewing. Weeks ago I bought all that nice fabric but admittedly I’m too nervous to use it. I know I want to make a Linden Sweatshirt with that super pricey jacquard , but I want to do it right – meaning with a serger – so that […]


This past week I’ve been at a work conference, learning all about the newest advances in the treatment and study of breast cancer. The dress code there is definitely ‘professional’ so it gives me an excuse to wear grown-up outfits and try to blend in among the MDs. I tried to get a picture daily […]

Sartorial Saturday

Spring has FINALLY arrived in the midwest. We’re seeing temperatures in the 50’s – which really makes for much more enjoyable running. I am able to wear capris again! In an hour or so I’m leaving for our group run on the canal towpath. So, a bit off topic – but I’ve started my beginners […]

Summer Brights

Ok so if you know me, you know I wear a lot of black. And grey. Maybe some navy blue and maroon. Red if I’m feeling really wild. This began in high school where wearing black was an expression of my inner angst and alternative-ness! (Still is, admittedly). But I own some things that are […]

Fashion! (David Brent voice)

I made Scott take some pictures of me on Friday. Half to document my outfit, half to work on not hating myself in pictures. I don’t hate ’em. Yesterday we did trail running in Brown County – I absolutely love that park. I feel so awesome after 70 minutes on the trails. That will get […]