Some nonsense on personal style

I don’t have much to report on running this week. I had to cut my long run short yesterday as I felt like I might blackout two times. I know, I know. Being lazy about eating won’t help me run farther.

Scott is out of town this weekend, so I took this as an opportunity to watch every fashion documentary available on Netflix and marathon a season of Project Runway. I have been interested in fashion since I was a teenager but as far as actually wearing it…. I don’t know. I seem to like so many different styles and eras but I haven’t figured out how to manifest it on myself. My computer is filled with folders and folders of style photographs, I have clippings from magazines that date back years and my knowledge of designers even surprises me at times….

Anyways, I guess all I am getting at is – I like style a lot. I realize it’s a thing tons of people don’t care about. (Is this the ‘intellectual’ in me having trouble admitting I like something superficial? Yes.) That’s fine. I often have trouble reconciling the capitalism and consumerism that goes hand in hand with fashion (and is why I’d rather say personal style than fashion; fashion connotes designers, steep price tags, celebrity, animal use). But regardless I am still ever searching for inspiration.

And if you’re ever interested in a good documentary, Bill Cunningham New York is great.

Summer Brights

Family dinner night.

Ok so if you know me, you know I wear a lot of black. And grey. Maybe some navy blue and maroon. Red if I’m feeling really wild. This began in high school where wearing black was an expression of my inner angst and alternative-ness! (Still is, admittedly). But I own some things that are bright and I never really know how to wear them. I tried to wear these shorts last weekend and gave up because I felt like I looked like a soccer mom. But I gave them another shot last night for the Vegan Family Dinner we were attending. They seemed cookout appropriate.

Also this marks the first time I’ve voluntarily been photographed in shorts. It wasn’t that terrible.

I’m a little surprised at how mild the summer has been so far since I can still continue running in the afternoon. I ran 5 miles on the canal towpath Tuesday, the first time since waking up with some flu/virus on Friday. It definitely felt kind of rough and I still feel weak. And my hamstring has felt sore ever since. And my calf is all tight. Actually I still feel like a mess this week. But I’m on the incline.

Perfect presentation

Maybe I’ve been browsing too many blogs or flipping through too many carefully formulated instagram feeds lately; but what is this obsession with perfection?!

I get that having a really organized, beautiful, content rich and well photographed blog makes it enjoyable for the target audience, but I’ve just about had my fill of these overly curated websites. And same for instagram. I am definitely guilty of editing my feed when I feel that something is out of place, or maybe I don’t really love that selfie as much as I thought. But other than setting some items on a counter and turning on a lamp (and that one time when I laid out all my folded clothes on my bed) I don’t stage my photographs. I mean, what is this; Vogue?

I am personally striving for less perfection in my life right now.

I ate a bunch of oreos with my lunch today. I haven’t gone running since Sunday (plans to change that now that I got my hair did). I cannot do a side plank for more than 5 seconds when I do yoga.

This thought struck me when I was revisiting my favorite, and now ‘archived’ What Would a Nerd Wear and she declared that she would no longer be accepting courtesy items from companies that offered them. As she puts it;

“But part of the reason why I like reading blogs (and considered starting one) is that they offer an alternative to magazines. They represent what a non-magazine-model without access to a huge magazine closet might wear, and what she might be willing to hand over her hard-earned money for. Getting free stuff runs counter to why I preferred blogs in the first place.”

The honesty! I love it! And it is probably why I still like to revisit this blog time and time again.

In other news, it is 50 degrees. Dear Spring: please show up.

On being vegan, not just eating vegan

This topic is not running related, but it’s been on my mind lately. I went vegan last summer after being vegetarian since I was 18 (full disclosure: I stopped being vegetarian for a few months before my wedding in a move of pure selfishness). I had a few false starts before then, where I would tell myself eating locally farmed eggs was fine and thinking it would make eating at restaurants ‘too hard’. Ha. I’ve learned a lot since then.

The thing that really solidified my decision was choosing to take responsibility for my actions and stop playing dumb. I educated myself; I watched Earthlings, I read literature, I learned where things are sourced from. And once I had that knowledge, I couldn’t un-know it. I couldn’t continue on consuming products that contributed to animal suffering. So I went vegan. I learned about ingredients that I might not have heard of before, I read every label before I bought something, I came to enjoy vegan cheese. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I know I’ll be vegan for the rest of my life.
But being a vegan doesn’t just apply to eating. You could just call that a plant based diet (and many people do). Animals are not only exploited and murdered for food, but also for clothing, for product testing and for entertainment. I don’t want any hand in that whatsoever, but I didn’t wise up to this until becoming vegan. I think this disconnect is very common for people. We are so removed from the process that to many a leather coat is just a piece of clothing. A wool sweater is what you wear in the winter. So while I was a vegetarian, I still owned a leather purse. Try to rationalize that! You can’t. My 12-year old leather-hating, animal-loving self would be ashamed.

I understand that disconnect, but I don’t condone it. If you care enough, you’ll do the leg work. At first I felt so absolutely overwhelmed when I realized how many things I owned, or items I used that contained animals products. It was too ubiquitous! I couldn’t avoid it! These statements are not true. Over the last few months I’ve been making a point to find vegan and cruelty free alternatives to all household and beauty items I use. I definitely can’t say I’m 100% converted, but I’m doing my damnedest! And no one is policing me, I’m choosing to make all these changes because I know it’s right and I want to do the right thing.

I have to say, that makeup was the hardest thing for me. It is easy to go to the organic section of a grocery store and find basic products that are vegan; lotion, soap, etc… but makeup! I have shades of foundation that perfectly match my skin tone! I have just the right eyeliner brush – nothing else could replace it! And why run out and buy new stuff now? – I already have these items so the damage is done. So I told myself. But this week when one of my Bobbi Brown makeup brushes kept leaving pony hair all over my face I had enough! And I realized the switch wasn’t hard at all.

I’ve been researching some new vegan brands – there are tons, all with the help of Leaping Bunny and Logical Harmony (seriously so helpful) and have pretty much got all of my makeup switched to vegan brands! And a new synthetic brush set – er… made from teddy bear hair?











Tarte foundation, TooFaced brushes and mascara, Rosebud Perfume co. lip salve, Anastasia brow duo. Button courtesy of Scott. I’ve got some gel eye liner coming my way in the mail, and then I just need some blush and eye shadow to round out my collection.

Go vegan! We have cute make up.