Little White House Updates

Hello blog readers! It has been a few months. I don’t have any sewing updates to share, but I’ve been slowly trying to do some tiny home renovations on our 1920’s Indianapolis bungalow.

I’ll begin by giving a small house tour.


The house is simple and small Рexactly how I like it! Scott (and his parents) purchased this house right after the market crisis of 2008, so it was incredibly affordable, and has turned out to be a wise investment on their part. The photo above is from last summer when we first installed all our rain barrels and were growing corn in the side yard.


From the outside this house looks like just a rectangle, but inside you see a ton of great original features like the built-in shelving around the fireplace in our living room. This room is easily my favorite of the house.


The living room opens straight to the dining area by way of a large arched opening. The dining table was salvaged by S from an old art school downtown, it is covered in paint and marks from students of years ago.


The kitchen is another bright, open room. Unfortunately the previous tenants really liked forrest green….


However it redeems itself with these amazing built-ins! The wood is a little warped and drawers and cabinets don’t close perfectly, but otherwise they are in great shape.

There’s nothing too exciting about the bedrooms. A’s room with all the space-themed paraphernalia…


And ours…


Where Lily and her baby tiger are a permanent fixture. The bedrooms are both pretty small, I doubt we’d comfortably fit a queen sized bed in there. We currently have a full with two very narrow nightstands.

Which brings me to my latest project. The bathroom!! Pretty much all of these small houses in our neighborhood were built before WWII and have just the one bathroom. And ours is TINY.


Recently S removed the original door (which opened INTO the bathroom, taking up even more space) with a sliding door he refinished. So far we are happy with the extra space!


And here’s the inside. I’m not even stepping a foot inside the bathroom for the above photo. And I’m guessing the first homeowners were big Indy 500 fans considering the amount of checkerboard in here. I recently had the tub reglazed, which really brightened it up and just a few weeks ago we had the window completely replaced. If you recall, I tried to refinish it myself, but as this was a wooden window inside of a shower – the wood just wasn’t holding up to the moisture. So we had it completely replaced with a PVC window in the same style as the previous one.


Now without the sill, there are some holes in the tile. They could just be replaced but maybe this is an opportunity to replace all the tile! My next project is going to be the floor. The linoleum is so dingy and tacky! I’m thinking I can DIY that considering the surface area is so small and it’s just straight edges. But scheduling renovations for the only bathroom is tricky. Oh and you know, money.

In the meantime I’ll be wistfully saving my dream rooms on pinterest.

New Look 6217 – again!

Last weekend I completed a shirt from the New Look 6217 pattern. I completed the skirt and the cardigan in my intro to garments class last fall, so I decided to try out the top with some really cheap fabric I got on sale.


As you can see no set in sleeves or anything tricky. I don’t even know what to call the fabric I used; it was definitely a woven, with a lot of drape and a little stretch. Probably some synthetic in there. I found it on sale at a big-box fabric store and bought it thinking I could practice with out wasting pricy¬†fabric (more on that later).


And the finished product! Very serious face here. No close ups because then you could see all the flaws, ha! I had never done a bias neckline before so that was a great learning experience. I made my bias tape really quickly and then totally forgot how to apply it so who knows how it is attached. The best part of this is the bottom hem; I used a trick I learned from my class to help a curved hem turn up. Basically you just stitch the curve before you fold up the hem and that helps the fabric ease into place. It worked wonders!

Today I went to my local fabric store (where I take my classes) and spent WAY too much on fabric. I bought a stretch jacquard that was $38 a yard!! Eep! They were having a sale at least, but it was just so darn pretty. I couldn’t leave without it. I also snagged some $2 patterns and a bias tape maker.

In non-sewing related news I’m trying to spruce up our teeny tiny bathroom. Last weekend I used a million different cleaning methods to scrub the bathtub before settling on baking soda and vinegar. And this weekend I decided to tackle the window that sits in our shower. This window needs some serious TLC. The paint is very chipped and wood might be starting to rot – we couldn’t even open it until last summer. It really just needs a new coat of mildew resistant paint. But first….


I’ve been stripping the paint of this all afternoon – I had to take a break before my arms fell off or the fumes got to me. Hopefully I’ll have this finished up tomorrow! DIY or die!