A quick alteration

I bought this shirt from Madewell quite impulsively; it was on sale and in a simple pattern I really loved. I didn’t pay to much attention to the fit or style of the shirt until it arrived and realized it was a ‘boyfriend’ fit. Aka, oversized (it even reads that on the tag) and baggy. With the exception of the models on the website – I doubt there is really anyone that is flattered by a loose fit.


So I figured this was an excellent time for me to try out my alteration skills.


You can see here there is a lot of room in the torso and the shirt tail is longer in the back.

I found a button down that I know fits me well, and laid it on top of the Madewell shirt as flat and straight as I could. I marked where my new seam line would go and then basted along those lines.


After checking the fit I used my serger to trim off the excess and finish the new edges. I also gave the back hem a lift so now it matches the front.

And tada! A shirt that fits! I’m thrilled. The sleeves could probably be taken in as well, but I usually roll my sleeves up anyways so I didn’t bother.

I have plenty more sewing projects on the horizon so hopefully I will be posting more soon.

(photos via Madewell)

Light layers



I’ve taken advantage of this holiday weekend to sew up a simple kimono in a light woven fabric I’ve had for some time. A kimono made by Morgan of Crab&Bee served as my inspiration for this piece. I think I could even say she served as my inspiration to begin sewing! Her modern creations are worth checking out.


This piece is a pretty simple construction of rectangles and requires little to no fitting. Perfect for my current skill set! I might eventually adjust the shoulder seams which turned out wonky, but since this has so much drape you really can hardly tell.

This cardigan is the perfect weight for the summer temperatures that have struck the midwest this week. I was able to practice various finishing techniques here including french seams, bias binding (that I didn’t cut on the bias) and zig-zag stitches for some raw edges. This also was my first experience with a set-in sleeve and it was a fairly simple one at that. I’m not sure yet if I’m up to the task of real sleeves.

Now I’m wearing this around the house and fluttering my arms like a swan while Scott toils away weeding our corn field. We’re living up to the midwestern stereotype.